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The Captain's Log

Captain Jack Harkness
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- Canon: Doctor Who/Torchwood
- Entering Hotel California: Jack is currently between S2 & S3 of Torchwood.
- Description: About 6' tall, blue eyes and brown hair. Athletic build. Tendency towards period military fashion (specifically WWII era), he's usually wearing a button-down shirt over a white t-shirt, bracers, wool trousers and boots, along with his trademark blue RAF greatcoat.

- History: A former Time Agent turned intergalactic conman, his outlook on life was changed when he met The Doctor, a time-traveling alien who crosses time and space, helping as many people as he can along the way. Killed by Daleks in the year 200100, he was resurrected by The Bad Wolf, Rose Tyler's alterego when she absorbed the time vortex. Problem was, she couldn't control the power, so when she brought him back, she brought him back forever. Now immortal, he runs the Torchwood Institute office in Cardiff, Wales, monitoring an active rift in time and space. Flirtatious and outgoing with an extremely fluid sexuality, he also has a darker side and will not hesitate to take lethal actions against someone/thing he feels is a great threat against innocent people. He's compassionate, passionate and has a great depth of knowledge that comes from his extensive travels and extremely long lifespan (he's already lived for nearly two hundred years - and that's not counting the 2000 years he spent buried alive).

- Inventory: Webley revolver in a worn leather holster, WWII RAF greatcoat, tin box containing old letters and photographs, mobile phone with bluetooth earpiece, Time Agent wrist strap, blue and white striped coffee mug, small wooden box of retcon, TARDIS key on a piece of twine, Torchwood security pass
- Disclaimer: Captain Jack Harkness does not belong to me, but rather to the BBC and (to my chagrin) RTD. Captain Jack Harkness is portrayed by (multi)talented actor John Barrowman.

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"What are you captain of? The Innuendo Squad?"
-- Mickey Smith, re: Captain Jack Harkness